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Other Special Waste

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The proper disposal of contaminated waste

The Dry Creek Landfill is approved by the State of Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) to accept certain materials considered to be contaminated waste. This includes:

  • Sewage sludge, septic tank and cesspool pumping or their sludge that passes the Paint Filter Test
  • Useless or discarded commercial, industrial, demolition and construction materials
  • Manure, vegetable or animal solid and semi-solid materials, animal mortality
  • Treated medical waste

The Dry Creek landfill cannot accept the following materials for disposal:

  • Liquids — all materials must pass the Paint Filter Test
  • Hazardous or PCB regulated materials
    • materials with low-level PCB contamination may be acceptable, call our Main Office at 541.779.4161 for more information
  • Prohibited wastes per Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR-93-040)
    • discarded or abandoned vehicles
    • discarded large home or industrial appliances (these materials are accepted at the Transfer Station for processing and recycling)
    • used oil (used oil is accepted at the Transfer Station for processing and recycling)
    • tires (tires are accepted at the Transfer Station for processing and recycling)
    • lead-acid batteries

Rules and regulations related to special waste

Dry Creek Landfill will only accept special waste on a prearranged basis. Only special waste from known sources will be accepted for approval. Generators must provide reliable documentation describing the source and nature of the contamination. To determine if Dry Creek Landfill can accept your material, please complete the following form and submit it to email hidden; JavaScript is required for evaluation. Once all of the required documentation is submitted (including laboratory tests) we will evaluate your material and let you know if we can accept it for disposal. During this process additional laboratory testing may be needed.

Download the fillable Special Waste Profile Form


Landfill specifics related to special waste disposal

Special waste may be accepted at the Transfer Station or Dry Creek Landfill with 24 hours advance notice.

Transfer Station
8001 Table Rock Road
White City, Oregon

Dry Creek Landfill
5500 Highway 140
White City, Oregon

For questions regarding special waste disposal, call our Main Office at 541.779.4161
To schedule your appointment at the Transfer Station, call 541.494.5414
To schedule your appointment at the landfill, call 541.826.4949

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