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Welcome to Dry Creek Landfill

Dry Creek Landfill is a highly engineered facility developed specifically for the disposal of solid waste. Along with providing a place for trash, Dry Creek has also been designed to protect the environment from any contaminants in the waste stream.

As the industry leader in southern Oregon and northern California, we pride ourselves in being able to provide workable solutions for most every need.

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You must have a Dry Creek landfill account before you can bring any special waste for disposal. Existing customers with an account: You must fill out a special waste profile for approval prior to transportation. New customers: You must first create an account, then fill out a special waste profile for approval prior to disposal at the landfill.

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Services That Set Us Apart

At Dry Creek Landfill, we go above and beyond to make sure you get the services — and service — you’re looking for. Here are some of the things that set us apart.

Responsive Customer Service. We do our best to accommodate special requests. With years of expertise in solid waste, we excel at troubleshooting your problems and coming up with creative, workable solutions. As a privately held company, decisions are made locally by the management team right here. A quick response gets the job done — quickly and efficiently.

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Advanced Technology. Dry Creek is a progressive landfill using cutting-edge technology to best meet your needs — and the needs of the environment around us. We utilize innovative GPS technology on our compactors, as well as drone survey technology to calculate operational density. The result? We maximize space and minimize problems.

Unloading Service. Dry Creek Landfill specializes in unloading bulky and damaged materials that can’t be easily tipped — such as bulk plastic, railroad ties, waste in bulk totes and from freight crashes. For a nominal fee, we have a forklift, telehandler and large excavators that can assist in unloading. If we can’t utilize our existing equipment, we’ll roll up our sleeves and unload materials by hand, if needed.

Odor Control. Being a good neighbor is a high priority for Dry Creek Landfill. To that end, our Boss TEK Odor Control Cannons use an atomized mist delivery system to mitigate odor to the areas around our site.

Trailer Cleanout Station. Looking to haul another load after unloading your materials at the landfill? We’ve constructed a trailer cleanout station equipped with compressed air and a pressure washer to help you clean your trailer once it’s empty. Please note: Driver’s must be trained to use the facility, so please ask for assistance once you’re on site.

Expediting Turnaround Times. We know that time is money. That’s why we use three Columbia tippers to help keep truck traffic moving during peak times.

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Safety is Top Priority. From our smallest action to our largest working site, safety is always the number one goal in all operations. Keeping our workers, our internal and external customers, and the vendors we work with safe while on-site at the Dry Creek Landfill is essential. We work hard to make entering and working at our site safe for everyone involved.

Comprehensive Safety Planning. Heightened and vigilant safety requires extensive preparation and planning. We've built a comprehensive Hot Zone Plan — a detailed plan that empowers everyone to understand and follow our safety protocols within the Dry Creek Landfill's Hot Zones — our active operation and high-traffic locations at the site. The plan includes safety protocols for every hot zone, as well as maps and key information.

“Southern Oregon Sanitation has been using Dry Creek Landfill for over 20 years. We have franchised collection and transfer station operations in three southwest Oregon counties, and Dry Creek Landfill provides disposal services for all of them.”

Trent Carpenter
General Manager
Southern Oregon Sanitation

“We started bringing waste to Dry Creek Landfill in 2013 and have found their staff to be very responsive to all our disposal needs. The landfill is well-maintained and operated, and our management team and employees thoroughly enjoy working with their staff.”

Maurice Pelletier
General Manager
Pelletier Transfer Stations

“When Crescent City, California needed a solution for the proper disposal of waste water sludge, we came to Dry Creek for help. We created a long-term arrangement that provides an environmentally safe solution for the citizens of Crescent City for years to come.”

David Slagle
Hambro Group

It all starts with the liner

In 1998, construction began on Cell #2, a fully-lined facility with an engineering design that exceeds U.S. Environmental Protection Agency standards.

Our Liner