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Wildfire Debris from Klamathon Fire

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The Incident

On July 21, 2018, a fire that had ravaged the California-Oregon border for more than two weeks was finally contained, but not before burning over 38,000 acres and destroying 82 structures. The fire forced evacuations in Siskiyou County in northern California and temporarily closed a 23 mile stretch of Interstate 5 from the town of Yreka to the Oregon border.

The Response

After a wildfire of this magnitude, the process of cleaning damaged property, clearing debris and rebuilding can be overwhelming. Residents and local governments are inundated with tasks and projects that must be completed in an orderly manner. In response to a declared state of emergency and request for assistance from a local government, the California Office of Emergency Services regularly tasks CalRecycle with managing debris removal operations and preparing residential properties for rebuilding by homeowners.

Representatives from Dry Creek Landfill worked with teams from CalRecycle and Great Lakes Environmental to landfill over 10,000 tons of ash, debris and impacted soils from the wildfire cleanup. For quality assurance and quality control, an on-site third-party contractor took photos of each load to verify that materials being removed were transported for disposal. Dry Creek personnel submitted daily records to the third-party contractor to verify material and load weights each day.

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Key Stats

  • Wildfire burned 38,008 acres and destroyed 82 structures
  • Landfilling of 10,000+ tons of ash, debris and impacted soil