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Spilled Jet Fuel Contaminates Roadway and Soil

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The Incident

On August 19, 2019, a double tanker truck carrying 7,500 gallons of “Jet A” aviation fuel overturned on Antioch Road in White City. As a result, roughly 2,500 gallons of fuel were spilled onto the roadway and surrounding area. The truck was en route to the Croman Corporation, where the fuel was earmarked for helicopters working to control local wildfires.

The Response

Representatives from Dry Creek Landfill worked with a team from First Strike Environmental to find immediate disposal solutions that could be tackled quickly and efficiently. With sporadic storms in the forecast, the process was expedited to address the possibility that the fuel could leach through the soil around the crash site and spread.

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So rather than test on site and risk further seepage, more than 14,000 tons of contaminated soil was removed, taken to Dry Creek, and staged on plastic over the lined cell of the landfill while analytical testing was performed. Once testing was completed, the contaminated soil was approved for disposal at the landfill. In order to assist with cleanup, Dry Creek extended operations to work on a Sunday to get the job done.

Key Stats

  • 2,500 gallons of spilled aviation fuel
  • Removal and staging over 14,000 tons of contaminated soil was completed in 7 days