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Municipal Waste from Malfunctioning Beaver Hill Incinerators

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The Incident

On March 7, 2012, Coos County, Oregon, issued an emergency shut down for the Beaver Hill waste incinerators due to a malfunction. During what was supposed to be a temporary shutdown, approximately 8,000 to 10,000 tons of municipal waste accumulated at the site. Coos County issued an emergency Request For Proposal to haul away and dispose of the accumulated waste. Dry Creek Landfill was chosen as the site for disposal.

The Response

Working with a local solid waste company and agencies in Coos County, Dry Creek Landfill was hired to provide the transportation and disposal for this emergency project. Over several weeks, staff from Dry Creek Landfill coordinated the loading, transport and disposal of backlogged materials, enabling the facility to continue accepting solid waste and serve the needs of the public in this southern Oregon coastal area.

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Ultimately, the project was so successful that when Coos County officials decided to dismantle the incinerators, their solid waste company, West Coast Transfer, entered into a long-term contract for transportation and disposal of waste with Dry Creek Landfill.

Key Stats

  • Emergency shut-down of incinerators led to as much as 10,000 tons of municipal waste accumulation on site
  • Following an RFP, Dry Creek Landfill was selected as the disposal site
  • Thanks to the success of this new partnership, the county had the incinerators dismantled and their local solid waste company signed a long-term contract with Dry Creek